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LaShaunda Joseph

10 things to look for in a yoni care salon

A few years ago ...

I visited my first–and last–yoni care salon. For me and the friend who accompanied me, it was a very unpleasant experience. In fact, it inspired me to launch my own yoni care business, which I am proud to say will celebrate its two-year anniversary this November.

As all my products are designed for home use, I am happy to offer women the alternative to steam at home. Nevertheless, I realize that some still might want to try a salon, which is understandable because sometimes you want to get away for a few hours for some "me" time. So, for those intent on having a yoni spa day away from home, I wrote this blog to explain ten things to look for when you visit a yoni care salon. 

Research the business.

I booked an appointment for myself and a friend based on a hashtag search on Instagram. We paid in advance and hoped for the best.

Questions to consider:

  • Does the salon have an online resource where you can review information in advance, such as a website?
  • Are there any published reviews online?
  • Do you have to pay in advance? Why?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee?

Investigate the location.

On the day of our appointment, my GPS led us to a building designed for leased business offices–not salon suites. It seemed strange that a personal-care business would occupy the same building as tax preparers, insurance agents, counselors, and attorneys, but we went with it.

Questions to consider:

  • Is the location suitable for a personal care service?
  • Does it look and feel safe?

    Determine if the staff's conduct is professional.

    Our facilitator was 30 minutes late. While she apologized for getting stuck in heavy traffic, the reception was lukewarm, unenthusiastic, and just not what we expected from someone providing a luxury personal care service.

    Questions to consider:

    • Is the staff polite, enthusiastic, and welcoming?
    • Are they clean, well-groomed, and dressed appropriately for the job?
    • Does this person seem to care about what happens to my treasured yoni?
    • Can I trust this person to provide a sensitive yoni steam?

      Complete an assessment of risk factors.

      Our facilitator skipped a very important step. She did not take the time to ask us if we had any risk factors, such as active infections, presence of an intrauterine device (IUD), pregnancy, menstruating, etc.

      Questions to consider:

      • Are signs posted listing the risk factors for v-steaming?
      • If she did not ask me about my risk factors, then is she asking anyone else?
      • Is it safe to steam my yoni at this place of business?
      • Am I being asked to sign a form waiving all responsibility for the business if I suffer any adverse effects after steaming?

        Receive a pre-steaming orientation.

        Our facilitator skipped yet another important step, especially for first-time clients. She did not provide any orientation or training prior to preparing the v-steam tea and equipment.

        Questions to consider:

        • Do I know what to expect? 
        • Is orientation and training part of the yoni care experience at this salon?
        • Is the facilitator qualified to provide the orientation?
        • Is the staff knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions and concerns?

          Make sure the salon protects your privacy.

          We abruptly ended our appointment. As we were leaving, even before we could grab the doorknob, another lady walked right on in, which means the facilitator never locked the door! The steaming room also lacked privacy screens or dividers.

          Just imagine yourself walking down the hall of an office building, looking for your tax preparer, opening the wrong door by accident, and then being surprised and shocked by the sight of two partially-clad women trying to steam their yonis?

          Questions to consider:

          • What does the business offer in terms of privacy?
          • Is privacy guaranteed? How?
          • Do clients steam in one room collectively or in private rooms separately?

          Learn about the room where the steaming takes place and make sure it is comfortable for you.

          From the hallway of the office building, we opened the door and stepped right into the yoni-steaming "room." It was a plain 8 ft. x 8 ft. office space with natural lighting and carpeted floors. Inside the room was mismatched equipment and a large table, which I can only speculate was for yoni massage education. At any rate, it crowded the small space and the facilitator simply pushed it out of the way to accommodate me and my friend.

          The room lacked all the pleasantries of a nice salon. There was no comfortable lounge chair, spa music, tabletop fountain, mini waterfall, special lighting, or scented plugins. And aside from the cheap butterfly stickers peeling themselves off the walls, absolutely no thought was put into the decorations.

          Needless to say, my friend and I felt very awkward walking into a silent business office when we expected something much more luxurious.

          Questions to consider:

          • What is the layout of the salon?
          • What is the atmosphere of the salon?
          • What does the business do to ensure the comfort of clients?
          • What am I comfortable with and can the salon accommodate me?



          Make sure the place is clean, has running water, its own restroom, and is disinfected between clients.

          Back to the lady who walked in on us ...

          The facilitator told us they only had one gown. So, if the lady who walked in was her next customer, then what gown did she use? For a long time, my friend and I wondered if she gave the next customer the same gown my friend had just used.

          Also, the room was carpeted and there was a cloth chair with a hole cut in it, which I was instructed to use for steaming. I am not a professional cleaner, but I doubt it is possible to properly sanitize a cloth chair and carpet between clients to the degree that is required for a personal care business. Non-porous surfaces are better suited for this purpose.

          Questions to ask the salon:

          • How do you disinfect the equipment between clients?
          • Does each client receive a brand-new yoni steam kit?
          • Are clients instructed to wash their yoni prior to using the equipment?
          • Is each client provided their own personal bar of yoni soap?
          • Do you provide towels that are fresh and clean?

          Other questions to consider:

          • Is the floor clean?
          • Is the floor made of a hard surface that can be mopped?
          • Is the restroom clean?
          • Are the walls clean?
          • Does the staff wash their hands frequently?
          • Is the equipment made of a hard, non-porous surface that can be wiped and sanitized effectively?

          Make sure the v-steam tea is fresh and of high quality, and that you receive a large, thick, clean towel or robe for trapping the steam.

          Ingredients in high-quality v-steam tea are very aromatic and potent. Upon opening the bag, a pleasant scent should fill the room. Unfortunately, our salon tea was scentless, which just added to the depressing, institutional feel of the place. Now that I sell yoni care products, I know for a fact that certified v-tea has a wonderful aroma!

          In addition, the facilitator did not provide us with adequate cloth material to wrap ourselves properly to trap the steam. We were given one flimsy gown and one small towel that exposed parts of our body and were not large enough or thick enough for trapping the steam.

          Questions to ask the salon:
          • Should I bring my own towel or robe or will you provide those?
          • Should I provide my own socks?
          • May I see the packaging that lists the ingredients and expiration date of the v-steam tea?
          • May I see the unopened package of tea that you will use to make my personal batch of v-steam tea?

          Examine the equipment for safety and other issues.

          The facilitator asked me to place my treasured yoni over a contraption that was made of a modified lawn chair situated four to six inches above a pot of boiling water, which in turn, sat on top of a switched-on hot plate. At the risk of besmirching the aesthetics of my beautiful blog post, I posted a picture below of the unsightly (and unsafe) apparatus she rigged.

          My friend had a different problem. She was seated in a tall, high-backed, wooden, dining room table chair that had a hole in the seat. In her case, her yoni steam seat was too far away from the steam to feel any heat. So, there she sat, cold and praying not to get splinters.

          Questions to ask the salon:

          • Is the water heated or is it boiling?
          • What is the proximity of the hot water to my yoni?
          • Does the water burn when I touch the surface of it with my fingertips?
          • Is the seat sturdy enough to balance the weight of my body over the hot tea without the risk of falling and burning myself?

          In conclusion ...

          It is my sincere hope that this information will help you choose a yoni care salon wisely. After what happened to me, I set out on a mission to educate women as to the benefits of yoni care and the dangers of entrusting your personal care to the wrong person. Of course, instead of going to a salon, you can always head over to my shop to check out my top-of-the-line products, which are designed to use in the safety of your own home. (At home, you can light real candles!) Whatever you decide, I am always available to provide advice and product recommendations to help you refresh, restore, and renew your yoni!

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          • This was a very informative blog post and much appreciated. I’m sorry your experience was so terrible, but happy you chose to go into the Yoni care field nevertheless! I look forward to returning to a monthly Yoni care regimen after I give birth so please be my go to on after birthing Yoni care! Great blog 💜.

            Brianna Arceneaux

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