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About US

Asha Natural Yoni Care launched in November of 2018 after the owner, LaShaunda Joseph, sought out a natural service known as V-steaming to assist with her personal challenges with severe menstrual cramps. However, while having the service rendered, she observed that the location and materials used were unsanitary and decided to leave. Upon leaving the business, instantly the thought came to mind that there has to be a more sanitary and discreet way to receive this service and what better way than in the privacy of the client’s home. Day in and day out of researching, LaShaunda’s question was answered. Yes! This service can be done at home. LaShaunda began V-steaming at home for a few weeks and having little to no pain while menstruating she realized that she needed to share this with other women, which lead to the launching of Asha Natural Yoni Care. 

Here, at Asha Natural Yoni Care we are passionate about helping women refresh, restore and renew their Yoni. Asha Natural Yoni Care products are all natural with no added fragrances and/or chemicals. We take pride in our products to make sure we are always offering our clientele the best. We also like to take the time to get to know our customers, their needs, concerns and other issues to assist and offer the customer another alternative for yoni care. We are on a mission to help women naturally care for their yoni, heal from trauma within the womb, heal from diseases and provide overall womb healthcare.

Currently, we offer an all natural Yoni soap, V-steaming tea, V-steaming seats and Detox pearls, which are all designed to help women refresh, restore and renew their Yoni. In the near future, Asha Natural Yoni Care plans to incorporate more items to our yoni care list. 

Let us help refresh, restore and renew your Yoni…